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An American Legend since 1975

Salerno FamilyBorn on a farm in Southern Italy, Adam came to America in 1957. His parents left behind their family and friends for their five sons to live the “American Dream”. In 1966, Adam’s three older brothers Vince, Arnold, and Joe opened a little bar between the Bungalows of Berwyn where the pizza legend began. As the customers grew in Berwyn for pizza, lasagna, and other Italian food, Adam was going to school to recieve an education. In 1972, Salerno’s on 16th was as popular as ever as Adam graduated from Roosevelt University, and worked part time with his brothers on the 16th street location. Using his degree, he became resident supervisor for Jewel food store for the next three years. Never looking back, in 1975 he began the western movement of Salerno’s. Salerno’s on the Fox was born, and he wanted to attract the same creation in Berwyn to the western suburbs, but offering more variety such as steak and seafood but keeping the staple mark of pizza. To this day, Salerno’s On The Fox is known for it’s orignal home style cooking of its southern Italian roots. Its pizza is a recipie that hasn’t changed since 1975 and will never be duplicated or forgotten that its thick crust pizza was rolled from a broomstick in 1966. “Our family created Salerno’s. My uncles, Vince, Arnold, Joe, and my father created it and it will never be duplicated. From their heart, sweat, and tears they created a famous name that will be carried on for generations”. Salerno’s On The Fox is currently the oldest Salerno’s in the same building and it still gives off that old school vibe. It’s where families became older but still remember as if they were kids. Now, those generations past bring their family and relive the memories! “Salerno’s truly has something for everyone” Enjoy and live the memories with Salerno’s On The Fox Joseph Salerno

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